Introducing the NBA Top Shot Paper Moment

3 min readJan 3, 2022


Happy 2022 Everyone!

Here’s a belated Christmas gift to you all: the NBA Top Shot Paper Moment


Exactly as it sounds, you can turn your favourite NBA Top Shot Moment into a physical paper cube.

Nice, but why?

Mostly because it’s fun (and I originally thought it would make a great Christmas ornament), but also because being able to hold something can help people unfamiliar with NFTs better understand intangible assets. The value isn’t in the paper, it’s in the license and title, in this case, our NBA Top Shot Moment NFTs.

Have kids? Keep ’em busy making paper Moments while you snipe new Moments in the marketplace.

Cool, this is ridiculous, but I find it oddly entertaining and I’m interested in making one.

Great, here are the steps!

Step 1) Use the Paper Moment Creator to generate your own Moment to print at home

Step 2) Print Moment

Step 3) Cut out cube

Step 4) Fold along edges. Tip: Take your time. Better folds will result in a cleaner looking cube.

Step 5) Add tape to cube flaps (one or two flaps at a time is best).

Step 6) Align edges and assemble cube

Step 7) Enjoy your Paper Moment! Looks great on a desk or as a Christmas ornament.

Thanks for reading. Cheers and all the best in 2022!




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